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Scrivere Testo di un Viaggio (Gita Scolastica) in Inglese

È un testo in inglese che parla di un viaggio o meglio di una gita scolastica a Malta, può essere utilizzato come spunto, ad esempio modificando la descrizione geografia, togliendo l'esperienza vissuta e mettendone un'altra più personale. Per capire cosa c'è scritto in modo da poterlo modificare adeguatamente copiatelo ed incollatelo su Google Traduttore.

Testo in inglese:
Malta is a Southern European country consisting of an archipelago situated in the centre of the Mediterranean, 80 km (50 mi) south of Sicily, 284 km (176 mi) east of Tunisia and 333 km (207 mi) north of Libya. Malta covers just over 316 km² in land area, making it one of the world's smallest states. It is also one of the most densely populated countries worldwide in fact it is populated by 416 515 people . The capital city of Malta is Valletta; the largest town, Birkirkara. The country has two official languages: Maltese (the national language) and English. Malta has a long Christian legacy and Catholicism is the official religion in Malta as declared by the Maltese constitution.

Malta is a very nice place, one of the places I liked most and I will surely remember is the blue Grotto of Malta. I really enjoyed the trip that we did with some boats around the caves, it was amazing. The sea was incredible, at 4 metres of depth you could already see perfectly the ground under sea. In general I liked very much the sea of Malta, it was unique, I won’t forget it. I will also remember all the festivity that the people did for the elections, in the streets all the people were crazy and made a lot of noise with their cars!

Here in Malta We went to an English school every day except the week end. Here an English teacher explained us some arguments useful for using correctly the English language. I really enjoyed the school, it was a bit difficult at the beginning but at last I think that we have learned a lot. I really liked our teacher, Brian, who was very nice and very good to teach us English. His lessons were very engaging, interesting and also very funny.

We had been all the week in the home of a Maltese family. The house was quite nice, it was clean and it had a lot of rooms because the family gave hospitality to a lot of students. In general the family was very kind and nice, they had also a very nice cat and a small bird. The thing I don’t like were their meals. They didn’t eat very much, and they didn’t cook very well too, so often we had to go outside in the evening for eating something more.

In our free time during the afternoons we usually went around Malta to see some important places or we went shopping. Instead during the evenings we usually went for a walk along the seaside. We had visited a lot of shops around Malta and I’ve realized that a lot of things cost a bit less than here in Italy so I’ve made a lot of purchases. We also went for two nights to Paceville, a district heavily populate with nightclubs, discos, bars, pubs and restaurants. We went in some discos for dancing and having fun. I really liked those two nights!

In conclusion, I really enjoyed this trip to Malta. I really liked the natural environment like the sea, the beach, the green lands. I find Malta a very nice place because there are a lot of fields, a lot of flowers and plants around the Island. Another thing I loved of Malta was the weather! It’s warmer than here in Italy so some days we could go outside with only a t-shirt, and we could go swimming too! That is amazing if we think that we are only in March! But the weather wasn’t very good at all, in fact it was very variable, sometimes there was the sun and 5 minutes later it started raining then the sun returned and so on. It was unpredictable so you should keep every time with you a jacket for safety. Another thing I don’t like of Malta was the city in general, the houses seems a bit poor and old and also the quality of the life seems a bit lower than in Italy. Another thing I didn’t like of Malta was the food! Their food is nothing in comparison to the Italian food. So the trip to Malta had some positive and negative sides but in general I really enjoyed my self and if I have the opportunity I will come there for a summer holiday in the sea.

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