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Analisi: The Tyger, Blake in inglese

di William Blake
Analisi del testo:

This poem is the most famous and Songs of Experience and it also is the complementary of the poem “The Lamb”. The series of questions are not given an answer differently from the lamb. It deals with the unthinkable creation of such a terrible animal from the same creator who originated the docile lamb.
The tiger is terrifying, powerful, beauty but fascinating, elegant and proud, it is violence, strength, aggressive, cruel but brave and perfection (“symmetry”). The qualities of the creator in this case are the powerful, intelligence, wicked, mysterious, a black smith who produces the tiger in a furnace with a hammer so with violence and boldness.
There’s a contrast between violence and beauty that are negative and positive qualities that deceive: evil hides behind beauty and attraction so this is his power. In the case of the lamb it has positive qualities but not as attractive as the tiger. The creator shares the qualities of the creation so it is physical, different from the lamb with whom he has spiritual qualities.
The tiger and the lamb represent the Good and the Evil originated from the same creator and they can coexist. According to Blake reality is made up of the opposites: in everyday life there’s good and evil, that is necessary to promote human development. “Without contraries there is no progression” said Blake because the presence of evil immerge and people understand the importance of life, but even the possibility to choose between good and evil. Without them we are not challenged to improve and to become better.

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