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Analisi: I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud, Wordsworth

di William Wordsworth
Analisi del testo in inglese:

One of the central themes of Wordsworth’s poetry is nature. Nature to Wordsworth was the expression of the ideal in the real, the mirror of the divine absolute, the ultimate reality. Generally his descriptions of natural landscapes draw inspiration from everyday life and from his personal experience.
I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud is also connected to the poet’s personal experience, describing a time when he saw a field full of daffodils ( trad. narcisi) waving in the wind.
In comparing himself to a cloud, Wordsworth removes himself from the ground (film of familiarity), and so from terrestrial vision, including a sense of lightness and spatial disorientation. The position of the cloud, suspended in the sky, allows for an inversion of perspective. The daffodils became a “host”, resembling a cluster of stars in an inverted cosmos where the ground has become the infinity of space.
Often Wordsworth’s descriptions of nature are idealising, a result of his search for harmony between man and his environment. Although he occasionally sees a glimpse of sublime chaos as in his initial vision of the daffodils, he immediately converts this into a sense of reassuring order. Central to Wordsworth’s vision of nature is the importance of its influence on the human mind and the mind of the poet in particular.
Wordsworth’s poetry describes the world of nature as it exists “outside”, but it is particularly concerned with the “inside” effect that it has on him. Wordsworth celebrates the idea of fusion between man and his natural element, looking for the moment of insight which nature can give him.
Inevitably this means that he often ignores the changes occurring in the environment, both rural and urban. He is nostalgic for an idyllic natural landscape which is fast disappearing. It explores the process of creating.
In the first stanza there’s a metaphor between the poet and the cloud: they are lonely, the cloud floats so he is relaxed, in a meditative mood but without worries, the cloud is high so it can see farther away and so Wordsworth see things from a detached point of view and not usually identify with problems
In the second stanza there’s another metaphor between daffodils and stars: they are bright and light, they are dancing, tossing their heads and crowded that are humanizing metaphors so it is a personification (he attributes human qualities with daffodils).

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