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La Costituzione in Inglese

Tutto quello che c'è da sapere sulla costituzione inglese, il testo è scritto ovviamente in lingua inglese.

The UK, despite not possessing a formal written constitution, has a series of notable constitutional documents.
These begin with Magna Charta, written in 1215 (King John was forced to sign), which outlined some important principles curbing the arbitrary rule of the monarch.
This document, while not of legal relevance today, has important symbolic value for establishing the rights of citizens and limiting legislative power.
Magna Charta was followed by the Bill of Rights in 1689 which extended the power of Parliament, and then by the Reform Act in 1832, which began the process of democratizing British politics.
The entry of the UK into the European Union in 1973 was a major constitutional development, bringing Britain under the supra-national jurisdiction of the EU in a limited number of areas, which have grown in the following years. The Factortame case of 1990 (involving the denial of UK fishing rights claims) illustrated the erosion of the UK’s unfettered sovereignty.
The British constitution is unwritten or, to be more precise “uncodified”. This means that, unlike in most modern democracies, there is no single document which explains how they are governed.
Instead constitutional experts point to a number of treaties, laws and conventions, which together make up a constitution. These include: Acts of Parliament, Treaties, EU Law, Common Law, Conventions, Royal Prerogative, Works of Authority.
Gordon Brown was the Prime Minister of UK from 2007 until 2010
David Cameron is the actual Prime Minister.

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