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Riassunto Vita: William Blake in Inglese

Questo è un resoconto della vita di William Blake in lingua inglese.

• He was born in London in 1757.
• He didn’t go to school but was apprenticed to an engraver, indeed he made all the illustration to his poems. At 22 he entered the Royal Academy.
• At 25 Blake married Catherine Boucher. He taught her to read and write and she assisted him in his artwork.
• Blake started writing poetry in his late twenties. However, Blake’s visionary poetry and art failed to find a sympathetic audience in his own lifetime. For this reason he was forced to look for patrons, and relied on them almost until his death.
• Blake’s last years were spent in obscurity. He died in August 1827 but his genius only began to be appreciated towards the end of the 19th century. He was popular only among his circle of friends.
• He anticipates some of the themes developed in the romantic age, so he is a forerunner.

…and works
• In 1789 Blake published Songs of Innocence, which he engraved himself. Each book became a unique work of art because it was made using a special technique called “illuminated printing”.
• In 1794 Blake published a companion volume, Songs of Experience.
• To make money, because he wasn’t famous, Blake also illustrated the work of other authors for example Milton’s Paradise Lost and Thomas Gray’s The Bard.
• Among Blake’s other works are the so-called prophetic books such as The French Revolution: a Poem in Seven Books (about 1791), America: a Prophecy (1793) and Milton, a Poem in Two Books, to Justify the Ways of God to Men (1804-08). He was religious but he attacked the institution of catholic religion. Blake was a prophetic, a visionary poet that’s because it’s difficult to understand (symbolism).

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